Saturday, July 19, 2008

My sister Lauren and her little boy Gavin came to visit us this week. Aiden had a wonderful time terrorizing him, but Gavin seemed to enjoy it and just laugh. We can't wait till they come back!
Daddy and Aiden having a little fun with the camera!
This was Gavin's walker that Aiden wanted to play with. He got in all by himself and found his doodle board to play with.
Aiden is a climber and I didn't want to wait until he climbed out of his crib and fell on his head to take the rails off. So we took off one side and he now has a BIG BOY BED! He's done really well it only took us two nights for him to get use to it.
Aiden and Ellen hanging out coloring on a Friday night.
Aiden also turned 18 months old last week. He is starting to say more and more words and it won't be long before he's talking in sentences.


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