Friday, April 10, 2009

Egg Hunt # 2 and #3

Yesterday at school we had our Easter Egg Hunt. Since the weather was looking yucky we had it inside at the indoor playground, which was a tight squeeze for 24 two year old looking for eggs.

All Aiden wanted to do was open the eggs and eat the candy, as you will see in almost every picture.

Almost got a smile!

His teachers made the cutest baskets for all the kids.

I just want the candy!

Before the Egg Hunt got started we took a couple of pictures.

Aiden's class

They weren't too sure of the Easter Bunny.

On Wednesday a friend from church invited us to hunt eggs at the park with them. Again all Aiden wanted to do was eat the candy in the eggs.

He finally gave up and went and played in the sandbox since I wouldn't let him eat the candy.

Aiden climbing up the play equipment all on his own!!

We had a great time hunting eggs this week and will have one more hunt at home on Sunday, plus dying our eggs.



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