Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First Soccer Game

Last Saturday Aiden had his first soccer game. Friday and Saturday morning all he wanted to do was go to his soccer game. That changed quickly when we got to the game. The first half of the game was spent trying to convince him that he would have fun and just go out and kick the ball.

You can tell by the look on his face he is not excited about this.

This was the theme while he was one the field. Coach Alan would point them in the right direction and help them kick the ball.

Still not having fun.

At this point I think he decided he had enough and wanted to go sit with me.

After much bribing and convincing he got back on the field, still not to sure of it.

You would think he didn't know what to do, just wandering around the field.

Coach Alan just picked him up and made his kick off and that was all it took. He started running after the ball to kick it and having lots of fun.

Totally different kid!

I have some video of the game to post but I'll have to compress it a little first. All the way home all he could talk about was how much fun he had and that soccer was AWESOME! Hopefully the next game will start off a little better.


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