Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day and Choir Program

This weekend was a busy and wonderful weekend. My Mom and Dad came to visit and play with the boys. Aiden had his performance of "Rock Solid" at church so they also got to watch him. He did a great job just like at his school, just not as animated.

It took him a while to get going, but by the last song he was grooving. I'll try to put up some video later.

Waiting to go on.

After he sang we all went to the Rainforest Cafe to celebrate Mother's Day and Lauren's Birthday.

This pictures is just for Grams!

There were several people going around to the table and making balloon animals. Aiden and I chased her down and she made him a penguin. VERY COOL!!

He didn't take his eyes off her.

They also had lots of aquariums to look at. We even saw Nemo and Dory.

He had to have his picture taken with the elephant.

Trying to feed the elephant his penguin.

On Sunday we went down to the Stockyards to have lunch and look at the longhorns.

This is one of my new favorite pictures.


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